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FIVE YEAR MISSION (Limited Edition. Hand numbered.)

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FIVE YEAR MISSION (Limited Edition. Hand numbered.)


FIVE YEAR MISSION (Limited Edition. Hand numbered.)


18" X 24"

Art Print

Limited Edition of 75. Hand Numbered.

Heavy Weight 10pt Cardstock, acid-free

by artist: Cliff Cramp

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Artist Cliff Cramp has created three new images inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  His expressive brushstrokes and style bring a traditional feel to modern science-fiction paintings. His hallmark use of deep tones and rich colors make the backgrounds of his compositions as much of a main character as the ships on which he focuses. Featuring tones of emerald, gold, and terra cotta, is the 18”x24” print entitled: "Five Year Mission" (hand numbered limited edition of 75 copies). The play of dark and light around the traveling U.S.S. Enterprise brings to mind everything that is yet to come for the crew of the original series.  

For those collectors who choose to purchase the complete set of all three of these new prints, a unique free gift awaits. In addition to the full set of three prints, a 6x9 autograph card, hand signed by the artist, will accompany your purchase. This card depicts a beautiful nebula (also painted by the artist, Cliff Cramp) and contains the following information: the artist’s name, short bio, the print release date, the titles of these three paintings, the collectors’ personally purchased Limited Edition numbers hand written, and the artist’s hand signed autograph. But don’t wait too long; these sets will only be available as long as there is one of each print left. As soon as one print sells out, the sets will be sold out too.

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