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P.O. Box 2583
Cedar Park, TX. 78639

(512) 481-7455

About The Robot




A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Oh…wait…I mean…space, the final frontier. Aww, heck! What I’m trying to say is that recently a shiny robot, from a space and time not our own, has traveled backward through the eons to bring present day Earth humans (and all intelligent beings) the joy of artwork from the future. He’s told us that in order to restore peace and harmony in his time; he must continue his mission to bring all inhabited planets throughout the galaxy beautiful artwork. His is a singular goal: to bring joy and happiness to the one unknown life form whose current dreariness sets off a chain reaction that influences the fate of the future. 

If this metal time traveler succeeds and this, as yet, unknown life form is uplifted by the color and beauty of imagination, then we can all rest easy knowing that balance has been restored to the universe...that time will once again smile on future generations.

While you’re here take a look around. Browse the pretty colors. Even, add a piece to your own collection. Because who knows…the unknown life form that determines the destiny of the future of the universe, may be you.

Post Script: Robots are very mysterious and elusive by nature. We cannot be sure that he hasn’t exaggerated his origins. 

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Of course, if you want an exact date...Bye Bye, Robot opened for business on February 29, 2012...Leap Day!
What better time is there to open a business that is spearheaded by a time traveling robot?