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15.38" X 24"

Art Print

Heavy Weight 10pt Cardstock, acid-free

by artist: Charity Wood

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This vibrant duo is awash in color and expression. The bold and defining brushstrokes that make up the octopus play off of the expressionistic (and in some places, literally thrown) application of the paint comprising the background. The viewer is left to interpret, for him or herself, whether this creature inhabits fluid space or outer space. The organic patterns and energy shown in the background lets the imagination team with possibilities.

The image is achieved through an innovative technique of, what some may call, reverse painting. Charity begins her paintings on a black canvas, and paints everywhere except the "black lines."  This way, the lines aren't placed on at the end as you would normally think of "outlines," but rather, you are seeing the unpainted original black canvas showing through. It's a meditative process of protecting the areas that need to stay black yet letting loose the expressive brush strokes that are necessary for the energetic and striking background. You can read more about her technique on her artist's page.

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