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P.O. Box 2583
Cedar Park, TX. 78639

(512) 481-7455

Jeff Foster


Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster’s true origins are unknown, yet several rumors persist. One states that he comes from the Northwest, born of a great clamshell. Another claim is that he was originally brought forth by an ancient clan of Cave Bears. But the one that most believe, and I am one as well, says that he was begat by a union of stellar gasses in a far off distant galaxy.

Classically trained in the arts at California State University Long Beach, he earned a B.F.A. in Illustration in 2008. Jeff has worked in a variety of mediums, from urethane painting on racecars to mural work on stucco. He is extremely versatile and has a passion for creating art on all types of surfaces. He loves nature and has a fresh, vivid sense of color.

While he prefers the natural feel of traditional mediums, putting brush or pencil to paper, he is ever striving to expand his repertoire by making inroads into the digital medium.